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Judy Partial Band Bra Pattern

The Judy Partial Band Bra Pattern is a beautifully fitting bra from the Pin-up Girls. Based on the ever-popular Shelley pattern cup design, it is a partial band style, which means there is no band running under the cups. This gives a minimal look and feel, and the band cannot roll up.

However, it does mean that this designer original bra must use underwires for part of its support system and has great lift and support. It has been specially designed to use with Duoplex, and other low-stretch fabrics; which give the best support and a flattering profile. Available in both English and French in the same envelope.

Required Materials:

0.5 metres of low-stretch knit such as Duoplex for the cups and frame
0.5 metres of Scalloped Edge Lace,  6″ wide or less(for view 1 or 3)
0.4 metres or less of sheer cup lining to use behind the lace (sheer view 2 or 3)
0.3 metres of Power Net for the back band
1.2 metres of 1/2″ Plush Back/Band Elastic for the bottom band BCD sizes 2.25 to 4.5
1.2 metres of 3/4″ Plush Back/Band Elastic for the bottom band BCD sizes 4.75 to 7.5
1.2 metres of ⅜” Plush Back/Band Elastic for top band
0.6 metres of ¼”-⅜” Fancy Edge Elastic for the neckline (view 2 or 3)
0.6 metres of 3/8″ wide strip of stabiliser for the neckline
0.6 metres of ½” or ⅝” Strap Elastic for BCD sizes 2.25 to 4.5
0.6 metres of 3/4″ Strap Elastic for BCD sizes 4.75 to 7.5
1 set of  Rings & Sliders in a size to match the strap elastic
1 metre of Underwire Casing
1 Hook & Eye Set for the back (2 x 3 for sizes 2.25 – 4.5) or (3 x 3 for sizes 4.75 – 7.5)
1 Bow Embellishment for the front (optional)
1 set of Underwires in your size – view Underwire size chart