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The Makehouse is a creative oasis for sewing and textile lovers in Victoria BC.

This one-of-a-kind design shop/studio offers a diverse range of workshops and community events. People of all ages learn new skills in an inspiring and welcoming atmosphere. At The Makehouse, you can meet new friends who love to share stories and ideas or find the perfect button or trim for your latest creation. Take a break from the digital world and get tactile!

Jenny Ambrose, creator of The Makehouse, has a passion for fashion. She embodies a lifestyle built around sewing, textiles, education, and the arts. Her creative work fuses practical and artistic skills. Jenny challenges and encourages people to be more independent and embrace their individual creativity. The Makehouse is more than a sewing studio. It’s a space where participation, life and creativity are passionately celebrated every day. 

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Bamboo Workshops in St. John’s

We are delighted to bring 3 of our most popular workshops all the way to St. John’s, Newfoundland this summer! These workshops will all be held at the Anna Templeton Centre between August 3-4th. Anna Templeton Centre 278 Duckworth Street St. John’s, Newfoundland Canada A1C 1H3 Telephone: (709) 739-7623 The workshops are aimed at people […]

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Active-Vision – Live Music for Silent Film

Active-Vision: Live Music for Silent Film. Featuring Charlie Chaplin – The Kid Family friendly event! Each month, The Makehouse presents Dr. Patrick Boyle performing a live soundtrack to classic silent films. He creates new textures and moods that challenge what people traditionally think of as a silent film soundtrack. Patrick is Professor of Jazz Studies at UVic. […]

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