Make Patterns Fit Workshop

Make Patterns Fit Workshop

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This 4 week hands-on workshop will show you how to take accurate body measurements and alter patterns so that you don’t lose the design of the garment. You will learn how to make a muslin (mock-up) and ‘fine tune’ by making  pattern adjustments to achieve a perfect fit!

You will need to have some experience making clothing, to have some understanding of how garments patterns work. You will need to bring a pattern with you that you would like to fit.

Skill Level: Intermediate

Skill Requirements:

  • Advanced Beginner classes plus several completed items.
  • Experience successfully completing several sewing projects. This class will not cover basic sewing machine operations such as threading a needle, switching needles, how to adjust stitch length, locking stitches, reverse stitching, pivoting corners, winding bobbins etc. Students should be capable of performing these procedures without assistance.
  • For apparel making classes: you must have familiarity with using a sewing pattern, measuring oneself and picking a size.

Learning outcomes:

  • Taking correct body measurements
  • Combining different size bodice and pant or skirt pieces (dresses or jumpsuits)
  • Transfer seam lines, grainline, darts, gathers, tucks and any other design details to your pattern
  • Adding and reducing ease
  • Truing your pattern pieces
  • Test your pattern by creating a muslin (mock-up)

Material requirements:

  • A sewing pattern of your choice (chose something you will want to make more than once!)
  • Notepaper
  • Tracing paper
  • Test fabric - Please bring a length of calico/muslin or other inexpensive material as close as possible in weight and drape to the fabric you intend to use for your final garment. (Eg. If your final garment will be made in cotton lawn a bed sheet or lightweight poly/cotton will do fine. If it will be made in heavy denim or wool, calico or canvas is best).

Equipment requirements: We highly encourage you to bring your own sewing machine, however if you don't own a machine, one will be provided for you. If you’d like to bring your home machine, please remember to bring the manual (and foot pedal/power cord) and arrive 10 minutes prior to the scheduled time.

Group size: Maximum 5 guests to keep our classes cozy and fun!