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Sew & Go Punchcard (10 Hours)
Sew & Go Punchcard (10 Hours)

Sew & Go Punchcard (10 Hours)

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Sew & Go Punchcards = 10 hours or sewing for $80!

This is a great option if you have limited space at home, are visiting Victoria, or just want to sew around other people!


Sew & Go Regulations

We offer sew by the hour during our off-peak times. You must have previous sewing experience to use our Sew & Go option. Upon your first visit our staff will show you where you can set up, find tools and equipment. Sewing is self directed and books and manuals are available for almost any project from our in-house library.


Tuesday -Thursday 10-6 | Friday-Saturday 10-5 | Sunday 12-4

  • Studio time must be booked in advance by phone, email or in person
  • Availability is dependent on workshop and party bookings
  • $10p/h + GST or buy a Sew & Go Punch Card (10 hours for $80 +GST)



  • Please put machines back the way you found them
  • Put away tools and equipment after use
  • Always switch the machine feet back to the ‘A’ foot after your session
  • Be respectful to other sewists. Some people come to work quietly and others might be more chatty, please be sensitive to others body language and respect other people’s space.
  • Please bring your own materials (including fabric, thread, interfacing etc.)
  • For small projects on the serger or coverstitch, you may use our thread spools, but if you have a lot of work to do, please bring your own spools.
  • We recycle textile waste as possible. Please put all textile waste (including thread) in the bins provided.
  • We recycle as much as we can, please separate any drink containers, cardboard, plastics etc and place them in the correct bins (kitchen area).
  • You are welcome to make tea while you’re working. Please clean your own mugs in the kitchen area after use.


  • Digital sewing machines - 6 x Janome 3160 QDC
  • 2 x Janome manual sewing machines
  • Industrial Singer (only available with previous experience or in-house training session) 
  • Vintage Singer - straight stitch and zigzag
  • 4 x sergers (only available with previous experience or in-house training session) 
  • 2 x Janome coverstitch (coverlock) machines (only available with previous experience or in-house training session)  


  • Pattern drafting and quilting rulers, seam gauges and tape measures
  • Marking tools (tracing wheels, chalk, trick markers)
  • Scissors, snips, rotary cutters and matts
  • Pattern weights
  • Snap tools
  • Needles
  • Embroidery hoops

Patterns & Books

  • Our extensive collection of books, magazines and patterns are available to use while you’re in the studio. Please make sure to return books and magazine to their correct place after use.
  • If a paper pattern is uncut or unused, please make sure to trace off the pattern in your chosen size. Tracing cloth and paper are available to purchase from the retail shop.
  • Current Sew & Go punch card holders will receive a 15% discount in the retail store.
    Please present your card at the checkout.