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Weekend Pop-Up - Ruth & Nelly

Ruth & Nelly Vintage

The Makehouse is hosting a series of Weekend Pop-Ups during November and December featuring local makers!

Join us on Dec 14/15 and meet Darcie Zibin from Ruth & Nelly! Darcie designs unique handmade goods made from vintage and secondhand finds.

Saturday 10 am-4pm (Talk/Demo 1-1:30pm)

Sunday 12-4pm (Talk/Demo 1-1:30pm)

Darcie's Designer Statement:
I've always wanted my own business. When I was little I would build stores out of Lego, hold pop-up shops in my bedroom, and rent booths at Christmas craft fairs. Throughout high-school and university, I worked for small downtown businesses. I am now an elementary teacher-librarian with a specialty in art education, but continue to work part-time for a small business in a lovely, westcoast city.

I lived in Eastern Europe as a child during the mid to late 80s. I learned to appreciate fine embroideries and lace, and developed a love of floral folk art patterns. At the age of 18, I began working at a linen store specializing in hand made lace and embroideries, as well as Irish and French linens. Close to 20 years later, I continue to work one day a month at the store out of pure love and enjoyment for the products and the people.

Ruth & Nelly Vintage

I am obsessed with thrifting, thrift stores and antique stores. I love to mix the textures of linen, cotton lace, wool tweeds, vintage floral tapestries, old papers and photos, aged metal. I love the smell of old books. I love old wood and brick. I especially love creating something new out of pieces that might otherwise end up in the landfill.

Ruth and Nelly are my grandmothers' names. They were both thrifty ladies who reused and recycled EVERYTHING. They were also very talented: quilting quilts, crocheting bags, sewing skirts, gardening and canning AND preparing home-cooked meals every night! And they worked jobs outside of the home too! Phew.

I decided to play more as an adult and start my own store, embodying all my passions and the resourceful spirit of my grandmothers. With Ruth and Nelly, I hope to provide unique vintage finds and supplies for those looking to enjoy the quality in the everyday.

Ruth & Nelly Vintage


  • Nice to see that you are pursuing your dreams Darcie—both in education and the arts—would love to hear from you—love your work!!

    Madeline Hooey
  • Looking forward to seeing you and your work Darcie. Congratulations on
    taking the leap.


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