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The DIY Needle Arts Gift Guide

We have curated an exciting range of DIY kits with projects ranging from embroidery and cross stitch to needle felting and even string art! Most kits are from Canadian designers with a few fabulous brands from independent designers south of the border. All of our kits are available to purchase online or in-store and we have curbside pick-up, local delivery (Geazone eco-courier) and shipping available too!

We hope you enjoy learning more about all of the designers and please if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out! 

Strung by Shawna

Llama String Art Kit

Shawna is a string artist with an illustrative style and a gift for teaching. She has been creating custom string art pieces since 2015 and grew a small side business into her dream career. Her goal in creating Strung by Shawna was to help other creative people learn to string and live a more creative life. String art kit include a stained piece of wood, yarn, nails, pattern and step-by-step instructions. Check out this short video to learn more!  BUY KITS HERE

Embroidery Kits by Gingiber

Frida Embroider Kit

Gingiber is the work of artist Stacie Bloomfield. We've been loving Stacie'sfabric designs since her Zoology collection landed and now we've added her kits too! Once upon a time, Stacie couldn't find artwork for her daughter's nursery and decided to take matters into her own hands. She kept being drawn (get it?) to the irresistible essence of animals: their furry faces, their perky ears, their plethora of colours and textures. Animals simply have a way of being adventurous and fun: visually, figuratively and literally. BUY KITS HERE

Merriment Fox Embroidery in Hoop

Hook Line & Tinker

I Read Past My Bedtime - Owl Embroidery Kit

My name is Laurie Dolhan, and I am the artist behind the Hook, Line & Tinker indie craft studio in Ketch Harbour, Nova Scotia.

As part of my journey to date, I have been a Jersey Girl, a Yukon Sourdough, and now I'm what some Nova Scotians refer to as a CFA (come-from-away). Like my favourite things, I have been lost, found, and creatively reworked. Throughout my life, I have always been making something or other. Craft has given me joy, comfort, and taught me patience too ;)

Holiday themed embroidery hoops from Hook Line & Tinker

Hook, Line & Tinker launched in 2017 with a line of modern embroidery patterns and kits using my own original illustrations. My business is a reflection of my values - care for people, respect for the environment, and a deep desire to create something meaningful and real through a shared act of making. I'm grateful for the opportunity to create and share my craft with you.

All of Hook, Line & Tinker’s embroidery illustrations are original and designed by me for beginner stitchers. Each illustration is repeatedly rendered through the craft of hand embroidery using a variety of basic, introductory stitches to build texture and a pleasing design. The 100% cotton fabric is cut and prepared by hand, and all finalized patterns are printed onto the fabric in the studio using inks that maintain their integrity during the stitching process.  BUY KITS HERE

Kiriki Press

Kiriki Press - Embroidere Dolls

We've been a fan of Kiriki Press for many years now! A printmaking graduate from the Ontario College of Art and Design, Michelle Galletta started Kiriki Press after she wanted to make her niece an embroidered doll but couldn't find a pattern anywhere.  

"I couldn’t afford to buy her anything, but I hoped to make up for it with my time. I decided to learn how to embroider so I could make her a set of three owl dolls to play with. It was difficult to find contemporary embroidery patterns that weren’t overly simplistic, let alone embroidered doll patterns, so I ended up designing my own. As I was making Madeleine’s owls, I became fascinated with embroidery: the vibrant colours, the countless variety of stitches, the calming effect it had on me.

After several years of improving my embroidery skills - and a ton of design work - Kiriki Press was born. It was developed in the hopes of giving others the chance to make something precious with their own hands." BUY KITS HERE

I Heart Stitch Art

Nevertheless She Persisted - Embroidery Kit

News just in from I Heart Stitch Art - our latest order is shipping on Tuesday - that means we'll be stocked up on all your favourite designs AND we have many of Sarah's new patterns coming too! 

I Heart Stitch Art Embroidery Hoop Designs

"Hi- I'm Sarah - the designer and creator behind I Heart Stitch Art. I design and create embroidery patterns, then turn those patterns into easy and beautiful embroidery kits that make stitching fun and accessible. 

I know how healing hand embroidery can be, and I want to share it; my goal is to help you inject a little creativity into your life!"

Sarah from I Heart Stitch Art

I live on Vancouver Island, off the West Coast of Canada - an incredibly beautiful part of the world. I share my days with my husband John and our three children, and we are in the midst of renovating a house. Life is noisy, messy, creative, and wonderful around here... and I love it.

I invite you to follow along on Instagram for daily updates on my process, the importance of creativity, and all things stitching. I'm glad you're here - and I hope you're planning on doing something creative today! BUY KITS HERE

The Stranded Stitch 

No Problama Cross Stitch Kit

The Stranded Stitch cross stitch kits are just the thing to relieve your stress, indulge your creativity, and make a cool piece of art.

Frida Kahlo Cross Stitch Kit

This binge-worthy craft project is perfect for keeping your hands busy during movie marathons, long plane rides, and while you’re lounging at the beach. Once you start stitching, you’ll find it’s hard to put down. Don’t be surprised if it becomes your new favourite hobby. BUY KITS HERE

The Stranded Stitch

Samantha Purdy
Cross Stitch design by Samantha Purdy

While we are currently out of stock we didn't want to leave Samantha Purdy's kits out of this post! Samantha is working hard to re-stock her retailers and has faced some major delays due to Covid-19! We have re-ordered all of her designs AND 2 new works featured here! You can check out her designs and watch out for news of their arrival via our Instagram feed! 

Samantha Purdy is a textile artist, book maker, and cross stitch pattern designer living & working in Montréal, Quebec. BUY KITS HERE

Cross Stitch design by Samantha Purdy

 The Lunenburg Makery

Sloth Needle Felt Kit

Looking for that perfect needle felt kit to get started?! You can always find The Lunenburg Makery DIY kits here! Rest assured we'll soon be stocked up again soon as we head into winter! We also carry a selection of wool for felting, foam blocks, needles and tools! We are slowly adding all our our individual felting supplies to the website - but they are indeed available in-store! BUY KITS HERE

Snowy Owl made from needle felt


Not sure how to frame your cross stitch or embroidery works? This tutorial will give you some great ideas featuring kits from Hook Line & Tinker!  

Stay tuned for our sewing lovers gift guide! 

Happy Stitching from all of us at The Makehouse 

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