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Sew Sustainble

It's easy to get overwhelmed about the damage that we are doing to our planet, especially in recent years. Clothing and fabric production does play a role and modern-day fashion has become so fast, cheap and mass produced. The result is enforced cheap labour in factories and a huge amount of pollution created through the production and dyeing/printing of fabric.

Rather than sit around in despair we makers must do our bit to help by buying less clothing and making better choices in the materials we use. We would all like to keep our world a beautiful place so whether you’re a dedicated sewist or a weekend dabbler, here are a few simple things you can do.

black and white globe

1. Start sewing with eco-friendly fabrics! Locally we have The Makehouse and Gala Fabrics offering hemp, organic cotton, bamboo, silk, wool, Lyocell and Tencel fabrics perfect for clothing and other homeware projects. For knitters and yarn lovers try Knotty by Nature, North by Knitwest and the Beehive Wool Shop. Look for the Oeko-Tex label (click below to learn more).

bamboo and organic cotton stripe fabric

Oeko-Tex Standard

2. Give a new lease of life to thrift shop fabrics or second-hand garments that can be cut or re-made into something new. Visit our Re-Purposing Jeans Pinterest board for endless ideas to repurpose your old jeans! 

Recycled denim tote bag

Mollie Makes jeans quilt

3. Use what you already have! Use old scraps of fabrics lying around in your sewing room to make new projects. We also use our scraps to stuff projects like pillows and stuffed animals! Take a inspiration from Zero Waste Daniel in New York who's made a whole business out of sewing scraps! 

4. Brush up on your alteration and tailoring skills. Learning to make things fit properly can be there difference between wearing them or having them at the back of a closet of drawer making you feel bad about having spent the money! You can also rescue beautiful clothes through thrifting or clothes swapping and customize them for your body! Join our next Simple Alterations & Tailoring or Mend workshops! 

5. Branch out on a new sewing adventure and learn how to refashion discarded clothing (this used to be the norm)! Join our Zero Waste sewing series at Esquimalt Recreation and design your own Tee-Shirt Quilt! Ideas are endless and you could have lots of fun while developing your sewing skills. Check out Upcycled Clothing Pinterest Board for ideas! 

6. Make things that help to reduce the need for single use items like paper or plastic. There are endless ways your sewing skills can help to save both money and the environment like replacing paper towel, sponges, sanitary napkins, plastic bags and so much more! Check our Zero Waste Sewing Pinterest Board for ideas! 

DIY Reusable Sponge

7. Wash your garments with a cooler and quicker cycle! Click below to find out why?

Fashion Revolution

Keep on learning and get involved:


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