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Recycling Jeans at Mayfair Shopping Centre

Tanya in the jeans dress
We've spent the last week working on a fun collaboration with Mayfair Shopping Centre in Victoria! The Rebelle Rebelle event was a celebration of denim and rock'n'roll. The Makehouse offered 4 hands-on workshops including phone pouches and patches made from recycled jeans and an embroidery on denim workshop hosted by the amazing Katy Biele! 
denim workshop at Mayfair Mall
We were delighted to have Shayna Ward back with us for the week. Look below - it's like the set was built for Shayna!! 
Tanya did an amazing job draping our dress bodice! We didn't use a pattern at all for this project, we just made it up as we went long... 
Tanya working on the dress
On Monday we passed the dress over to Katy Biele to add her vibrant embroidery magic! This changed the piece completely and we truly fell in love with it! 
Katy Biele's embroidery
Alice dropped by on Saturday to say hello and ended up helping Tanya with a few finishing details. Thanks Alice! 
Jenny being silly
Big thanks to Joel and Sara from Mayfair Shopping Centre for bringing this project to life and inviting The Makehouse to participate! We've had a blast! 

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