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New Kits from Rita Van Tassel!

Rita Van Tassel is back with new and improved kits!! These kits are now available on our website for pre-order! Our stock will be arriving by mid November so there's lots of time before the holiday season! 
Rita spent the last season perfecting new felt stitching kits and applying what she learned to revamping some of her existing ones. Everyone's costs have gone up and as a way to compensate for that she's made some positive changes! 

• All kits are now made from a denser and more durable wool blend felt.

• The finished animals are all about 20% larger now too!
Hand sewn purple felt octopus
Octopus available in either Purple or Turquoise. There is wire armature included in the kit which is what gives the arms so much life, and is easier to make than it looks.
Hand sewn felt cat floating in space with a moon on the left
Space Boy - the feline outer space adventurer. This is based on a popular character created by Canadian ceramic artist Tessaramics which is used on many of her pieces. Sure to be a big seller!
Hand sewn blue felt leatherback sea turtle
Leatherback Sea Turtle - an endangered species found in Canadian waters. Beautiful rich colour with simple stitches that add detail.
Hand sewn felt hippo in a brown paper bag eating chips
The House Hippo continues to be my top seller, and it has been upgraded to be 20% larger, stronger felt and will include felt potato chips!
Hand sewn green felt cactus cat in a terracotta pot
Sometimes cats and plants don't mix well, but in THIS case they come together marvellously. The Cat-cus - part cat, part cactus - is now made with stronger felt, is better defined with stitch details on the outside AND comes with felt to stitch its pot.
Hand sewn great white shark floating on a blue background The Great White Shark has been improved with stronger felt, made 20% larger and has a few modified fin details to give it a sleeker look. Make every week Shark Week!

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