Books and magazines on the shelf at the Maker House

The Makehouse Library

We have collected over 1000 sewing patterns since we opened and we want to share them with you!

Sewing patterns are expensive to buy new [anywhere between $10-$30 each] and we often only use patterns once. This raises the cost of making your own clothes significantly so we want to make our enormous pattern collection available to you to use in your own home.

This opens up The Makehouse to those home sewers with plenty of experience who want to explore new patterns!

Our library includes a wide range of sewing and textile patterns, books and magazines. We have a huge selection of vintage sewing patterns for all you nostalgic seamstresses. We highly encourage you to share your results with us by sending in photos by emailing or posting on our Facebook page.

Library Categories

Womenswear: Dresses [Vintage & Modern], Separates, Eveningwear, Formal & Bridal, Coats & Jackets, Sportswear, Maternity, Lingerie, Swimwear, Costumes & Accessories

Menswear: Clothing, Underwear, Swimwear, Costumes & Accessories

Childrenswear: Babies, Toddler, Children, Costumes & Accessories

Pets: Clothing, Costumes & Accessories

Soft Furnishings

 Borrowing Guidelines:

We require your full name, home address, telephone number and email so that we can contact you in relation to borrowing.

All loans are for a maximum of 2 weeks. We are flexible;  if you call or email to let us know you’re going to be late returning your loan, there is not a late penalty – we hate those!

We ask that you do not cut our patterns – they are to be traced off onto cloth, paper or tissue by using carbon paper.

If something is damaged we just ask that you’re honest about it when you return your patterns so that we can try to repair it before lending to someone else. We know you’re human and we know that pattern paper sometimes tears! Don’t worry, we won’t bite you…

The Makehouse Library fee is $25 per annum including taxes. 

Money raised through library memberships allows us to start the process of creating a working sample of each pattern in our library so that eventually you can come and look through a physical sample of each garment before choosing to make up one of your own. This is an ongoing process that is going to take a lot of time and manpower to bring to fruition.

The money will also be used to add new modern patterns to our collection and to repair, re-print and replace patterns and books that get damaged or go missing along the way.

We are also keen to create a digital version of the library so you can check out our top picks online before coming down to the shop  to borrow. We encourage you to come down and look through our collection in person when possible too. It’s good to get away for your computer screen sometimes!

If you purchase your library card online, please forward your contact details and we will prepare you card for collection in store. We are also happy to send memberships in the post if you are purchasing as a gift at not extra cost!

We do have a few books that we cannot sign our for rare and sentimental reasons. but we welcome library members to come and spend time with those books during drop-in Stitching Parlour hours.



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